Serious problems in MATLAB 2021b running in Mac. Please help.

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Doheon Lee
Doheon Lee 2021년 10월 9일
답변: Flemming 2021년 12월 2일 15:16
I am using MATLAB 2021b installed in a Intel Mac (the latest release of Mac Pro, not Macbook Pro).
I have the following problems.
(1) At the begiining of starting MATLAB, a cursor takes 20 seconds everying time moving from Editor to Command Window and vice versa. This problem goes away (occasiontally but not alwasys) in 10-20 minutes, but occasionally start again when restart MATLAB.
(2) Typying in Coommand Window and Editor responds slowly and ackwardly. Occassionally, it holds my typing for a second and suddenly all my typing appears at once. Like (1), it usually (not always) goes away in 10-20 minutes of using MATLAB, but comes again after restart (not always, but occasionally).
(3) More serioulsy, the following is happening with MATLAB 2021b.
a. runing a very simple script by pressing the "Rung Section" or "Run" button on the top of the matlab.
b. the calculations takes forever (for the simple script) and the "Run" Button changes to "Pause".
c. To quiet the calculation, pressing the 'Stop' button, but it does not work.
d. So, pressing the 'Pause' button and a new Editor window of a MATLAB built-in function pops up and indicate a line where it is paused. And the 'pause' button changes to 'Continue'.
e. Pressing the 'Continue' button, and it is paused again, and indicating a line where it is paused. The button also changes to to 'Pause' again.
f. Pressing the 'Pause' button again, and back to (e). After repeating (d) and (e) several times, I can finally get out of debugging mode. It is happening almost EVERY time.
(4) Copying few lines of code from Editor and passting them in Command Window and executing them takes few minutes until complete the calculations as simple as (i = 1:100; sum(i)).
I have been using MATLAB for more than 10 years. I did not have these problems before, except (1) and (2) started happening occasionally in 2020a/b versions.
For your information, it would not be a hardware issue. My computer is the latest mac pro with 98 GB RAM and 24 intel cores.
Any comment and suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you so much for the help in advance.
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William Locke
William Locke 2021년 11월 13일 20:45
I just "updated" to 2021b from 2021a. I can not understand why the performance is so poor. I am finding the same problems explained above. I do not use or have Magnet.

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Tanmay Das
Tanmay Das 2021년 10월 13일
This is potentially due to the usage of window snapping/management tools such as Magnet. Please see the attached link for resolution/workaround. Workaround number 6 is suggested first as it is the easiest and seems to have a high level of success.
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Doheon Lee
Doheon Lee 2021년 10월 14일
Thank you for the help. I succesfully replace the JRE folder contents, but it does resolve my problem. It seems to be an issue hard to resolve.

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Flemming 2021년 12월 2일 15:16
This is not a mac issue, it is a 2021b issue. It has serious problems in all aspects. Should never have been released.




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