change search range of response optimization

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Nathaniel Goldfarb
Nathaniel Goldfarb 2021년 9월 8일
편집: Nathaniel Goldfarb 2021년 9월 13일
I am trying to use the Responce Optimizer package in simulink. I set up the search range for my all my tuning design varibles.
IT seems to be working as in hte varibles are change by some amount but it seems to be vey small.
For example if my initlal varible is lets say 500.0 it is changing by 0.1-1.0
My varibles are if different magnitudes, so i dont want them all change by 10-100 increaments
some of my varibles are of the magnitude of 1.0 or 10.0 this should not change by 100s
how cam I make the make the tunning of the varbiles by different increaments?
I am using R2021a, I dont know why its not letting me select this verison.





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