Least-Squares FIR Filter Design

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Ori Adani
Ori Adani 2021년 8월 31일
답변: Jesús Zambrano 2021년 8월 31일
I have 2 audio files, one is original with clean sound and one has reverb.
I need to make a filter that read the bad file and remove the reverb so it will sound similar to the original file.
I can use the original file for it so I guess Least-Squares FIR Filter is the one I need to use, but I couldn't fine anywhere how to use the original sample when designing the filter.

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Jesús Zambrano
Jesús Zambrano 2021년 8월 31일
Hey Ori,
Please find different examples of how to design and apply digital filters in the following link to the documentation
You basically will work with the noisy signal and define a set of specifications that your filter should have.
Hope it helps,


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