How can I convert a time vector of HH:SS to a decimal?

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I have a vector of time in format HH:SS in a table and I want to convert it to a decimal number.
For example:
03:30 = 3.5
04:45 = 4.75
How can I do that?
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Newbie 2021년 8월 30일
Sorry, you are right. It is HH:mm

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2021년 8월 30일
If you have them stored as a duration array just use the hours function.
du = duration({'03:30', '04:45'}, 'InputFormat', 'hh:mm')
du = 1×2 duration array
03:30:00 04:45:00
ans = 1×2
3.5000 4.7500

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Jan 2021년 8월 30일
v = datetime({'03:30', '04:45'}, 'InputFormat', 'HH:mm')
v = 1×2 datetime array
30-Aug-2021 03:30:00 30-Aug-2021 04:45:00
hour(v) + minute(v) / 60
ans = 1×2
3.5000 4.7500

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