What is the problem with the step size?

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Rawaa Almajeez
Rawaa Almajeez 2021년 8월 25일
답변: Kumar Pallav 2021년 10월 29일
I am getting this error message and I do not know what does it mean or how to solve it. Would you please help."The sample time 0.1 of 'testDCMG_SG/HMI_in/GUIScope' at input port 1 is different from the sample time 0 of 'testDCMG_SG/OPC/Subsystem/Solver Configuration' at output port 1. The data displayed on testDCMG_SG/HMI_in/GUIScope may be off by a sample period. Consider inserting a Rate Transition block between the two ports. Alternatively, you can control the diagnostic action for unspecified rate transitions by changing the option "Multitask (or Single task) rate transition" on the Sample Time Diagnostics pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog box.

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Kumar Pallav
Kumar Pallav 2021년 10월 29일
Try adding the rate transition block between blocks that operate at different rates.
Hope this helps!


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