unable to play Y800 monochrome AVI file

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nt 2014년 4월 7일
편집: Thomas John 2021년 12월 30일
I used this command vision.VideoFileReader(<myY800.avi>) to run the file, and I have got the error:
Error using dspmmfileinfo>tryVideoReader (line 271) The file requires the following codec(s) to be installed on your system: Y800 The specified file is: data/v3100.avi
Can I know how to solve it?


chao dong
chao dong 2016년 5월 23일
you may actually need to change the format of this video into mp4.

Thomas John
Thomas John 2021년 12월 30일
편집: Thomas John 2021년 12월 30일
On a Windows system you can simply install the codec by installing the driver for a USB33U-camara by Imagingsource. This driver doesn't need an attached camera, by it installs the codec. Go to www.theimagingsource.com and install the "Device Driver for all 33U, 37U, 38U series, polarization USB cameras and the DFG/HDMI converter." (link: https://www.theimagingsource.com/support/downloads-for-windows/device-drivers/icwdmuvccamtis33u/ ) . Attention, not the general usb driver from imagingsource, it requires an attached camera. In addition for matlab, if you extract images from the avi, those are always as rgb images, identical in red green and blue. Use simply rgb2gray(img) to get the 8-bit grayscaled images. Do not convert the uncompressed Y800-avi to compressed mp4, you will lost information.
Best regards, Thomas

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