How to model a Solar PV in phasor domain

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satendra kumar
satendra kumar 2014년 2월 20일
답변: Sabin 2024년 1월 22일
Hello, I have modeled a solar panel which is consisting of Solar cells, Buck-Boost converter, Inverter. The model is working good in Continuous Or desecrate Power GUI block. But i when in run it in Phasor method, it is giving me numerous errors. One error is "MOSFET is not allowed for phasor" Please suggest me some way to model a Grid connected solar system running in Phasor. Thanks
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habip yildirim
habip yildirim 2022년 12월 27일
편집: habip yildirim 2022년 12월 27일
Also I need help about this issue. Is there anyone to have idea?
Rik 2022년 12월 27일
@habip yildirim Since there hasn't been any progress on this thread since almost 7 years, do you think it likely there will happen something now?

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Sabin 2024년 1월 22일
Phasor solution computes voltages and currents as phasors. Phasors are complex numbers representing sinusoidal voltages and currents at a particular frequency. As the electrical states are ignored, the phasor solution method does not require a particular solver to solve the electrical part of your system. The simulation is therefore much faster to execute. Keep in mind, however, that this faster solution technique gives the solution only at one particular frequency. On the other hand, switching devices such as MOSFETs are represented in time domain and therefore is not possible to run such models in phasor.


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