MATLAB Analysis App

Use MATLAB Analysis to explore the data stored in ThingSpeak™ channels. Then use TimeControl to trigger your code at specific times or React app to trigger when a set condition is met. The app provides templates with sample code that you can use to perform analysis such as:

  • Calculate average humidity

  • Calculate dew point

  • Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

  • Eliminate data outliers

  • Replace missing values in data

Analyze data from your ThingSpeak channel using MATLAB® functions and toolboxes in Access MATLAB Add-On Toolboxes. After analysis, you can write data to a channel or create a visualization as described in MATLAB Visualizations App.

Analyze Data with MATLAB

  1. Click Apps > MATLAB Analysis.

  2. Click New to get started with your code.

  3. Select a template or an example with sample code that you can run.

  4. Click Create.

MATLAB Analysis Settings

  • Name: Enter a name for your analysis. Press enter, or click outside the name box anytime you change the name, and the stored name of your analysis is automatically updated.

  • MATLAB Code: Enter custom code, or modify the sample code with your data.

  • Save and Run: Click to save and execute the code.

  • Save: Click to save your analysis without running the code. An asterisk on this button indicates unsaved changes.

  • Output: This field displays the output of your code. Use it to debug and modify the code.

  • Clear Output: Click to clear the code output.

  • Schedule Actions: Select an action to schedule using this MATLAB code.

    • Receive notification of MATLAB analysis failure by email

    • Schedule your code to run at specified times.

    • Schedule your code to run when channel data meets a predefined condition.

  • Delete: Click to delete the analysis.

  • My Channels: Click this tab to see information about your saved channels, including:

    • Channel name

    • Channel ID

    • Write and Read API Keys

    • Channel fields

  • Documentation: Click this tab for help using the MATLAB Analysis app

  • New Channel: Click to create a new channel to hold the values of your analyzed data.

New to MATLAB?


  • The MATLAB Analysis app does not support figure generation, so you cannot generate any plots with this app.

  • Data written to ThingSpeak channels in MATLAB analysis must adhere to the posting rate limitations. You could lose data if you try to write to a channel multiple times within the period allowed by your license.

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