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systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.StereotypeResult class

Package: systemcomposer.rptgen.finder
Superclasses: mlreportgen.finder.Result (MATLAB Report Generator)

Search result for stereotypes

Since R2022b


Search result object for information about a stereotype in a profile in a given System Composer™ architecture model.

The systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.StereotypeResult class is a handle class.


result = StereotypeResult creates a search result object for a stereotype found by a systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.StereotypeFinder object.


The find method of the systemcomposer.rptgen.finder.StereotypeFinder class creates objects of this type for each stereotype that it finds. You do not need to create this object yourself.


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Universal unique identifier (UUID) of result element, returned as a string.

Data Types: string

Name of stereotype, specified as a string. This property must be a valid MATLAB® identifier.

Example: "HardwareComponent"

Data Types: string

Icon for stereotype, specified as a mlreportgen.dom.Image (MATLAB Report Generator) object.

Stereotype from which stereotype inherits properties, specified as a systemcomposer.profile.Stereotype object.

Description text for stereotype, specified as a string.

Data Types: string

Element type to which stereotype can be applied, specified as one of these options:

Data Types: string

Properties contained in stereotype and inherited from the stereotype base hierarchy, returned as a structure with fields:

  • Name, returned as a string.

  • Type, returned as a string.

  • Index, returned as an integer.

  • Unit, returned as a string.

  • DefaultValue, returned as a string.

Data Types: struct

Tag to associate with result, specified as a string. This property allows you to attach additional information to a result. You can set this property to any value that meets your requirements.

Data Types: string


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Version History

Introduced in R2022b