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View Test Case Results

After a test case has finished running in the Test Manager, the test case result becomes available in the Results and Artifacts pane. Test results are organized in the same hierarchy as the test file, test suite, and test cases that were run from the Test Browser pane. In addition, the Results and Artifacts pane shows the criteria results and simulation output, if applicable to the test case.

Correspondence between test file hierarchy items and results hierarchy items

View Results Summary

The test case results tab gives a high-level summary and other information about an individual test case result. To open the test case results tab:

  1. Select the Results and Artifacts pane.

    Location of results and artifacts pane

  2. Double-click a test case result.

    Highlighted test case result

    A tab opens containing the test case results information.

    Test case results summary

Visualize Test Case Simulation Output and Criteria

You can view signal data from simulation output or comparisons of signal data used in baseline or equivalence criteria.

To view simulation output from a test case:

  1. Select the Results and Artifacts pane.

  2. Expand the Sim Output section of the test case result.

  3. Select the check box of signals you want to plot.

    Signal selection check boxes

    The Visualize tab appears and plots the signals.

    Plot of output signals

To view equivalence or baseline criteria comparisons:

  1. Select the Results and Artifacts pane.

  2. Expand the Baseline Criteria Result or Equivalence Criteria Result section of the test case result.

  3. Select the option button of the signal comparison you want to plot.

    Result selection options

    The Comparison tab appears and plots the signal comparison.

    Plot of baseline and comparison signals and plot of differences between the signals

To see an example of creating a test case and viewing the results, see Compare Model Output to Baseline Data.


When you run a test multiple times, by default the new signals are added to the plot from previous test runs. To instead overwrite the plots with only the new results, right-click Sim Output and select Plot Signals > Overwrite.

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