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Get incoming links for requirement or other linkable item



ks = slreq.inLinks(node) returns incoming links ks, a Link or Link array, to nodes, a Requirement, Reference, or other linkable item.


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This example shows how to determine the incoming link for a requirement and outgoing link for a model object.

Load the reqs_validation_property_proving_original_model model and the original_thrust_reverser_requirements requirement set.

rqset = slreq.load("original_thrust_reverser_requirements.slreqx");

Get a handle to requirement with the index 11 in the requirement set.

req = slreq.find(Type="Requirement",Index=11);

Get the incoming links for the requirement.

inLinks = slreq.inLinks(req);

Get the link source for the incoming link.

lkSrc = source(inLinks);

Convert the link source from a structure to a model object.

mo = slreq.structToObj(lkSrc);

Get the outgoing links for the model object.

outLinks = slreq.outLinks(mo);

Input Arguments

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A linkable item that may have incoming requirements links. Common examples include a Requirement or Reference. Can be the output of find.

Example: Requirement with properties

Data Types: struct

Output Arguments

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A Link or Link array incoming to the linkable item.

Version History

Introduced in R2017b