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Retrieve change information for requirement links

Since R2023b



    changeInfo = slreq.getChangeInformation(inputItem) returns the change information for the link, link set, or array of links or link sets specified by inputItem. Requirements Toolbox™ tracks changes to linked requirements, Simulink® Test™ objects, and lines of MATLAB® code.


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    This example shows how to get change information for a link set.

    Open the project.


    Load the link set file.

    myLinkSet = slreq.load("shortest_path.slmx");

    Get change information for myLinkSet.

    changeInfo = slreq.getChangeInformation(myLinkSet)
    changeInfo = 
      ChangeInformation with properties:
             LinksWithChangedSource: [0x0 slreq.Link]
        LinksWithChangedDestination: [1x1 slreq.Link]
                      SourceChanges: [1x0 struct]
                        DestChanges: [1x1 struct]

    Input Arguments

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    Item to get change information for, specified as an array of slreq.Link or slreq.LinkSet objects.

    Output Arguments

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    Change information, returned as an array of ChangeInformation objects.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023b