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Troubleshoot Build Error for Accelerator Mode

I get a build error when building a model in accelerator mode or rapid accelerator mode when the model contains Simulink Real-Time blocks (for example, model blocks that represent hardware).

What This Issue Means

Simulink Real-Time does not support accelerator mode or rapid accelerator mode simulation of models with blocks that represent hardware. For example, if you open the slrt_ex_serialasciitest model, change the Simulink mode to rapid accelerator, and run the model, Simulink displays this error:

Unable to build a standalone executable to simulate the model 
'slrt_ex_serialasciitest' in rapid accelerator mode.

This error occurs because accelerator mode and rapid accelerator mode produce compiled code that runs on the development computer, not on the Simulink Real-Time target computer. Any blocks that access hardware report a build error if you compile the model by using accelerator mode or rapid accelerator mode.

Try This Workaround

Change the simulation mode to normal mode or external mode.

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