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Enable File Log

Enable or disable file logging of signals on target computer

Since R2020b

  • Enable File Log block

Simulink Real-Time / Logging


When the input port value is true, the Enable File Log block enables the file logging service on the target computer so that File Log blocks in the model start recording data. When the input port value is false, the block disables file logging on the target computer, and the File Log blocks do not record data.

If a model includes a Enable File Log block, the startRecording function and stopRecording function only control signal streaming, not File Log logging. In this case, the start(tg) AutoImportFileLog option does not import data into the Simulation Data Inspector when you use the stopRecording function or click the Stop Recording button.

For more information about the file logging workflow, see Signal Logging and Streaming Basics.



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Provides enable or disable control over File Log block operation. When the enable input is triggered by a boolean signal in the model, there are logs created on the target computer. Retention of these logs depends on the FileLogMaxRuns setting.

Extended Capabilities

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Version History

Introduced in R2020b