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Get real-time application information



info_struct = getInformation(app_object) gets the application Information values as a structure with properties. Use the getInformation function to get real-time application and model information from the Application object.


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You can get real-time application information by using the getInformation function.

Create an application object.

my_app = slrealtime.Application('slrt_ex_osc_inlined')
my_app = 

  Application with properties:

    ApplicationName: 'slrt_ex_osc_inlined'
          ModelName: 'slrt_ex_osc_inlined'
           UserData: []
            Options: [1×1 slrealtime.internal.ApplicationOptions]

Get the application Information values as a structure with properties.

my_app_info = getInformation(my_app)
my_app_info = 

  struct with fields:

                ApplicationName: 'slrt_ex_osc_inlined'
        ApplicationCreationDate: '2020-04-21 10:29:08'
    ApplicationLastModifiedDate: '2020-04-21 10:29:10'
                      ModelName: 'slrt_ex_osc_inlined'
                   ModelVersion: '1.22'
              ModelCreationDate: '1999-07-16 09:55:35'
          ModelLastModifiedDate: '2020-04-13 16:10:31'
            ModelLastModifiedBy: 'The MathWorks, Inc.'
                ModelSolverType: 'Fixed-step'
                ModelSolverName: 'ode4'
                  MatlabVersion: ' (R2020b) Prerelease'

View application information values as array elements.

ans =

    '2020-04-21 10:29:08'

Input Arguments

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Provides access to methods that manipulate the real-time application files.

Output Arguments

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The Information values are read-only. The structures in the array are:

  • ApplicationName — real-time application name

  • ApplicationCreationDate — real-time application creation date

  • ApplicationLastModifiedDate — real-time application modified date

  • ModelName — name of model from which real-time application was built

  • ModelVersion — model version

  • ModelCreationDate — model creation date

  • ModelLastModifiedDate — model modified date

  • ModelLastModifiedBy — model modified by

  • ModelSolverType — model solver type

  • ModelSolverName — model solver name

  • MatlabVersion — MATLAB version

Version History

Introduced in R2020b