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Within Implies

Verify response occurs within desired duration


Simulink Design Verifier

  • Within Implies block

Temporal Operators Terminology

  • True duration of a signal — Consecutive time steps during which a signal is true


The Within Implies block captures the within implication by observing whether the Obs input is true for at least one step within each true duration of the first input In. Whenever Obs is not detected within a particular input true duration, the output becomes false for one time step in the step that follows the input true duration.


The Within Implies block has only one user-specified parameter:

External reset

Specify whether the block observation of Obs can be reset by an external Boolean reset signal.


In the following example, consider a sample time of 1 second.

Obs is not observed within the first true duration of In, so Out becomes false for one time step. Obs is observed within the second true duration of In, so Out is true. When there is no true duration of In, Out remains true.

If Obs occurs multiple times, it does not affect the output.

Version History

Introduced in R2011a