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Toolboxes Supported by Simulink Compiler

Simulink® Compiler™ supports the following toolboxes:

  • Aerospace Blockset™.

  • Audio Toolbox™.

  • Automated Driving Toolbox™.

  • AUTOSAR Blockset.

  • Communications Toolbox™.

  • Computer Vision Toolbox™.

  • Control System Toolbox™.

  • Deep Learning Toolbox™: All blocks created from gensim that support code generation.

  • DSP System Toolbox™.

  • Fixed-Point Designer™: Fixed-point data point is supported.

  • Fuzzy Logic Toolbox™.

  • Model Predictive Control Toolbox™.

  • Navigation Toolbox™.

  • Phased Array System Toolbox™.

  • Powertrain Blockset™.

  • Robotics System Toolbox™.

  • Simscape™.

  • Simscape Driveline™.

  • Simscape Electrical™.

  • Simscape Fluids™.

  • Simscape Multibody™.

  • Simulink.

  • Simulink Control Design™.

  • Simulink Design Optimization™.

  • Stateflow®.

  • Symbolic Math Toolbox™.

  • System Identification Toolbox™.

  • Vehicle Dynamics Blockset™.

  • Vehicle Network Toolbox™.

  • Vision HDL Toolbox™.


Simulink Compiler supports all the blocks that support code generation in these toolboxes. You can use any blocks like the Current Measurement block in Simulink Compiler once you make sure to be able to run a model in Rapid Accelerator mode. Among these toolboxes, the prebuilt apps, UIs, and functions, and blocks that don’t support code generation are not supported by Simulink Compiler.

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