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SLSlicerAPI.ParameterDependence class

Package: SLSlicerAPI

Class to determine the impact of parameters on a Simulink Model


The SLSlicerAPI.ParameterDependence class displays the dependency between parameters and the model from the MATLAB command line. You can use SLSlicerAPI.ParameterDependence class to:

  • Find parameters which impact a particular block.

  • Find blocks which are affected by a particular parameter.


pd=slicerObj.parameterDependence creates an object of SLSlicerAPI.ParameterDependence for the model used to construct slicerObj.


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Public Properties

Contains an instance of slicer object used to create pd object, also keeps track of analysis.


slicerObj = slslicer('f14');

Data Types: SLSicerAPI.SLSLicer object


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Version History

Introduced in R2021b