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Package: slmetric.dashboard

Obtain file path and name of XML file containing active Metrics Dashboard layout

Since R2018b



Path = slmetric.dashboard.getActiveConfiguration returns the file path and name of the active Metrics Dashboard layout XML file. This file contains information on the location, size, and types of widgets in the Metrics Dashboard.


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At the MATLAB command line, enter this command to get the active metric dashboard layout:


Output Arguments

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Full file path to folder containing XML file that contains the active Metrics Dashboard layout.


Passing an empty string to the slmetric.dashboard.setActionConfiguration function (that is, slmetric.dasbhoard.setActiveConfiguration('')), resets the configuration to the default, which is the shipping configuration. If you then enter the slmetric.dashboard.getActiveConfiguration method, the method returns an empty array.

Data Types: char

Version History

Introduced in R2018b