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Display options used in current simulation debugging session



status displays in the MATLAB® Command Window a list of all debugging options and the values in effect for the current simulation debugging session. Debugging options include:

  • Model-wide breakpoints, such as the zero crossing breakpoint and the Inf or NaN value breakpoint

  • Active display and trace points

  • Level of information to display for the probe function, display points, and trace points

You can use this function in a simulation debugging session started:

  • Interactively, using the Simulink® Toolstrip

  • Programmatically, using the sldebug function

  • Programmatically, using the sim function with the 'debug' name-value argument


This function is available only for simulation debugging sessions started programmatically and for interactive simulation debugging sessions while paused within a time step.


To start a simulation debugging session interactively, add one or more breakpoints to your model and in the Breakpoints List, check that Pause within time step is selected. When the simulation pauses on a breakpoint, some of the programmatic debugging commands, such as the stop command, are available for use in the MATLAB Command Window.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a