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Remove the effects of models from the suggestion engine



slblocksearchdb.untrainmodelsindir(folder) removes models in folder from the suggestion engine, recursively.

slblocksearchdb.untrainmodelsindir(folder,'exclude',exclusions) excludes the specified models from updating the suggestion engine.


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Create the cell array exPath for a folder and a model whose effects you do not want to remove from the suggestion engine. Then use the cell array in the slblocksearchdb.untrainmodelsindir command.

exPath = {'MyModels/subfolder' 'MyModels/myvdp.slx'}

The command removes the models in the folder 'MyModels' with the exclusions you specified.

Input Arguments

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Folder whose models to remove from the suggestion engine, specified as an absolute or relative path character vector or string scalar.

Example: 'H:/MyModels/trainingmodels' 'MyModels'

Folders or models to exclude from removing from the suggestion engine, specified as a cell array of character vectors or a string array. Specify the folders or models to exclude as a full or relative path. For models, include the .slx or .mdl extension.

Example: {'H:/MyModels/trainingmodels' 'MyModels/trainingmodels2' 'MyModels/myvdp.slx'}

Version History

Introduced in R2018a