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Extract SLX, SLXP, or MDL file description without loading file



d = Simulink.MDLInfo.getDescription(file) returns the description of the specified SLX, SLXP, or MDL file without loading the file.


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Get the description of the vdp model without loading the model or creating a Simulink.MDLInfo object for it.

d = Simulink.MDLInfo.getDescription('vdp')
d = 
    'The van der Pol Equation
     This is a simulation of a nonlinear second order system.'

Input Arguments

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Name of the SLX, SLXP, or MDL file, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

The file name can include a partial path, complete path, relative path, or no path. When you do not provide a path, the file extension is optional.

To avoid unexpected results caused by shadowed files that share a name, specify a fully qualified file name.

Example: Simulink.MDLInfo('vdp')

Example: Simulink.MDLInfo('mymodel.slx')

Example: Simulink.MDLInfo('mydir/mymodel.slx')

Example: Simulink.MDLInfo('C:/mydir/mymodel.slx')

Data Types: char | string

Version History

Introduced in R2009b