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Get metadata for variable or connected data source

Since R2024a



    metadata = getMetadata(connectionObj) returns the metadata (for example, the name of the data source) for the connected data source. The metadata provided depends on the type of connected data source.

    metadata = getMetadata(connectionObj, varName) returns the metadata (for example, date last modified) for varName and its connected data source.

    If the data connection can see multiple definitions of the same variable (for example, in a data dictionary and in a referenced dictionary), the function returns an array that contains metadata for each definition.


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    dd ='myDictionary.sldd');
    md = getMetadata(dd, 'x')
    md = 
    dictionary (string --> cell) with 5 entries
        "Source"                --> {'myDictionary.sldd'}
        "Section"               --> {'Design Data'}
        "LastModified"          --> {'2023-Jun-04 02:34:37.530062'}
        "LastModifiedBy"        --> {'user'}
        "Status"                --> {'Unchanged'}
        "isArchitecturalData"   --> {0}

    Input Arguments

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    Connection to data source, specified as a object.

    Variable name, specified by a string or character vector.

    Output Arguments

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    Metadata for variable and its data source, specified by a dictionary object.

    Metadata for Base Workspace

    Property NameValue
    Source'base workspace'

    Metadata for Model Workspace

    Property NameValue
    SourceModel name
    Section'model workspace'
    DataSource'Model File' | 'MATLAB code' | 'MAT-File' | 'MATLAB File'
    ExternalFileExternal file that stores or creates variables
    isModelArgument (when the function specifies a variable name argument)boolean

    Metadata for Data Dictionary (variable name specified)

    Property NameValue
    SourceName of data dictionary
    Section'Design Data'
    isArchitecturalDataboolean — true when the variable corresponds to an entry in the Architectural Data or DDS Libraries sections
    ArchitecturalObject (when variable corresponds to an entry in the Architectural Data section)Name of data object
    DDSObject (when the variable corresponds to an entry in the DDS Libraries section)Name of data object

    Metadata for Data Dictionary (no variable name specified)

    Property NameValue
    Section'Design Data'
    DataSourcescell array of data dictionary references

    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a