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Get number of hierarchy levels in block path



length = getLength(bp) returns a numeric value that corresponds to the number of levels in the model reference hierarchy for the block path.


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Create a Simulink.BlockPath object that represents a referenced model within a model hierarchy.

bp = Simulink.BlockPath({'sldemo_mdlref_depgraph/thermostat', ...
'sldemo_mdlref_heater/Fahrenheit to Celsius'});

Get the number of hierarchy levels in the block path for the Simulink.BlockPath object.

length = getLength(bp)
length =


Input Arguments

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Fully specified block path, specified as a Simulink.BlockPath object. This block path uniquely identifies a block within a model hierarchy, even when the model hierarchy references the same model multiple times.

Output Arguments

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Length of the block path, returned as an integer. The length is the number of levels in the model reference hierarchy.

Version History

Introduced in R2010b