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설치 설정 및 구성

하드웨어 지원 설치, 펌웨어 업데이트, 하드웨어 연결 구성

  • 하드웨어 설정 화면은 Simulink® Support Package for Raspberry Pi® Hardware를 설치하고 구성하기 위한 단계별 지침을 제공합니다. 설치 절차에 대한 자세한 내용은 Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi 설치하기를 참조하십시오.

  • 호스트 컴퓨터와 Raspberry Pi 하드웨어 간의 통신을 설정하는 방법을 알아봅니다.


raspberrypiGet host name, user name, password, and build directory

하드웨어 설정하기

Install Support for Raspberry Pi Hardware

Install support for Raspberry Pi hardware.

Modularize Installation of Third-Party Packages and Libraries for Raspberry Pi Hardware

This section describes the workflow for downloading the core and optional application-based libraries and packages for the Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware.

Enable Passwordless Sudo on Raspberry Pi Hardware

Run Simulink models on Raspberry Pi without providing a password.

Setup Virtual CAN Interface

Setup virtual CAN interface before configuring CAN Transmit and CAN Receive blocks.

네트워크 설정 구성하기

Configure Network Settings of Raspberry Pi Hardware

Configure the network settings of your Raspberry Pi hardware.

Get IP Address of Raspberry Pi Hardware

You can use any of these methods to know the IP address of your Raspberry Pi hardware.

Access Internet When Raspberry Pi Is Directly Connected to Computer Using Ethernet

When Raspberry Pi hardware is directly connected to a computer using an Ethernet cable, perform these steps to access the Internet from the hardware.

Linux 운영 체제 액세스 및 구성하기

Open Command-Line Session with Raspberry Pi Hardware

Open a serial command-line session with Raspberry Pi hardware.

Access Linux on Raspberry Pi Using Computer Peripherals

Set up Raspberry Pi hardware as a Linux® desktop or terminal.

Run Linux Shell Commands on Raspberry Pi Hardware

This example shows you how to run Linux® shell commands on your Raspberry Pi® hardware.

Extend Linux Partition on SD Card

Extend Linux partition on the SD card for Raspbian Linux image.

구성 파라미터 대화 상자에서 파라미터 구성하기

Model Configuration Simulink Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware

This section describes about the model configuration parameters.

Additional Capabilities with Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder

Include additional capabilities for code generation.

Simulink Online 구성하기

Connect to Raspberry Pi Hardware Board in Simulink Online

Configure, connect to, and control Raspberry Pi hardware in Simulink Online™.

Security Considerations for Raspberry Pi in Simulink Online

Take steps to secure your Raspberry Pi in Simulink Online.