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알고리즘 설계 기본 사항

코드 생성을 위한 알고리즘 설계 관련 고려 사항, 생성된 코드의 동작


coder.allowpcodeP 코드 파일로부터 코드 생성
coder.cevalCall external C/C++ function
coder.cincludeInclude header file in generated code
coder.cstructnameName C structure type in generated code
coder.extrinsicDeclare function as extrinsic and execute it in MATLAB
coder.inlineControl inlining of a specific function in generated code
coder.loadLoad compile-time constants from MAT-file or ASCII file
coder.nullcopy코드 생성 시 초기화되지 않은 변수 선언
coder.opaqueDeclare variable in generated code
coder.refIndicate data to pass by reference
coder.screenerDetermine if function is suitable for code generation
coder.rrefIndicate read-only data to pass by reference
coder.targetDetermine if code generation target is specified target
coder.unrollUnroll for-loop by making a copy of the loop body for each loop iteration
coder.varsizeDeclare variable-size data
coder.wrefIndicate write-only data to pass by reference
coder.updateBuildInfoUpdate build information object RTW.BuildInfo


coder.ExternalDependencyInterface to external code
coder.BuildConfigBuild context during code generation

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문제 해결

Unknown Output Type for coder.ceval

Define the output type for external C/C++ function calls.