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Shunt Motor

This example shows a model of a shunt motor. In a shunt motor, the field and armature windings are connected in parallel. Equivalent circuit parameters are armature resistance Ra = 110 Ohms, field resistance Rf = 2.46KOhms, and back emf coefficient Laf = 5.11. The back-emf is given by Laf*If*Ia*w, where If is the field current, Ia is the armature current, and w is the rotor speed in radians/s. The rotor inertia J is 2.2e-4kgm^2, and rotor damping B is 2.8e-6Nm/(radian/s).

Manufacturer data for this model gives the no-load speed as 4600rpm, and speed at rated load as 4000rpm. Simulating the model confirms these values and correct calculation of equivalent circuit values.


Shunt Motor Subsystem

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