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PKModelMap object

Define SimBiology model components’ roles

PKModelMap object will be removed in a future release. Use a combination of EstimatedInfo object, CovariateModel object, cell array of character vectors, and sbiodose. See sbiofit and sbiofitmixed for illustrated examples.


The PKModelMap object holds information about the dosing type, and defines which components of a SimBiology® model represent the observed response, the dose, and the estimated parameters.

The PKModelMap class is a subclass of the hgsetget class which is a subclass of the handle class. For more information on the inherited methods see, hgsetget, and handle.


PKModelMapCreate PKModelMap object

Method Summary

deleteDelete SimBiology object
displayDisplay summary of SimBiology object
getGet SimBiology object properties
setSet SimBiology object properties

Property Summary

DosedDosed object name
DosingTypeDrug dosing type in compartment
EstimatedNames of parameters to estimate
LagParameterParameter specifying time lag for doses
ObservedMeasured response object name
ZeroOrderDurationParameterZero-order dose absorption duration

Version History

Introduced in R2009a