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Filter states


Hs = filtstates.structure(input1,...)


Hs = filtstates.structure(input1,...) returns a filter states object Hs, which contains the filter states.

You can extract a filtstates object from the states property of an object with

Hd = dfilt.df1
Hs = Hd.states


Structures for filtstates specify the type of filter structure. Available types of structures for filtstates are shown below.




filtstates for IIR direct-form I filters (dfilt.df1, dfilt.df1t, dfilt.df1sos, and dfilt.df1tsos)


filtstates for cascaded integrator comb filters. (Available only with DSP System Toolbox™ and Fixed-Point Designer™ products.)

Refer to the particular filtstates.structure reference page or use the syntax help filtstates.structure at the MATLAB® prompt for more information.

Introduced before R2006a