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Workaround for Interrupt Workflow with Sensors

Workaround with Interrupts while using sensor blocks

This issue is seen only in Simulink coder for STM32 boards were I2C is Interrupt based.

When I2C Block is present inside a enabled Sub system, which is triggered by a interrupt block, the I2C block does not read or write any data when the interrupt which enabled the I2C block has higher priority than I2C block. This affects even the sensor blocks which internally depend on I2C to read sensor data.

To fix this issue,

  • Add a System Initialize block in the model.

  • Change the priority of the I2C block such that I2C has higher priority

Workaround to Monitor and Tune (External Mode) failure with sensor blocks

While using LIS3DH sensor with F767ZI controller, if connections of I2C lines are incorrect, when performing Monitor and Tune (External Mode) would result in cannot connect to the board failure.

To fix this issue: Always ensure to connect the sensor to the board, when performing monitor and tune with sensor block available in the model.