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Asset Viewer

The Asset Viewer enables you to visualize the currently selected asset in the Library Browser. The Asset Viewer automatically appears below the Attributes Panel when a single asset is selected in the Library Browser.

The Asset Viewer displays different asset types in different ways. For example, a 3D model asset is displayed differently than a 2D image asset.

Move the Camera in the Asset Viewer

If the selected asset type supports a 3D display, you can move the camera by using the same controls listed in Camera.

Unlike the other render windows, you do not need to hold Alt to adjust the camera in the Asset Viewer.

Change the Asset Display Type

Some types of assets support additional viewing options. For example, Material Assets can be displayed on different types of geometry, and Prop Model Assets can be displayed as a point, curve, or collection.

To change the asset display type, click the display type at the top-right corner of the Asset Viewer. Then, select the display type you want.