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Overview of Basic Workflow

The scenario and code examples contained in Signal Simulation serve as an introduction to the fundamental workflow used in Phased Array System Toolbox™ software. The example is intentionally simplified in order to familiarize you with the basic theme that extends throughout the toolbox. You will find the core elements of this workflow in many other examples.

The basic workflow consists of:

  • Constructing objects that represent the physical components and algorithms of your model. The objects have modifiable properties that enable you to parameterize your model. For information about the object properties, see the object reference page.

  • Using the object's step method to perform the action of your parameterized object on inputs. The action of step is specific to each algorithm. For example, the step method of the linear FM waveform, phased.LinearFMWaveform, performs a different action than the step method of the steering vector, phased.SteeringVector. The specific action and syntax of each step method are documented on the reference page. You can access the documentation for an object’s step method by entering:

    doc phased.ObjectName/step

    at the MATLAB® command prompt, or via the hyperlink in the Methods section of the object’s reference page.