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2-D block-cyclic distribution scheme for codistributed array


A codistributor2dbc object defines the 2-D block-cyclic distribution scheme for a codistributed array. The 2-D block-cyclic codistributor can only distribute two-dimensional matrices. It distributes matrices along two subscripts over a rectangular computational grid of labs in a blocked, cyclic manner. The parallel matrix computation software library called ScaLAPACK uses the 2-D block-cyclic codistributor.

For help on codistributor2dbc, including a list of links to individual help for its methods and properties, type

help codistributor2dbc


codistributor2dbc.defaultLabGridDefault computational grid for 2-D block-cyclic distributed arrays
globalIndicesGlobal indices for local part of codistributed array
isCompleteTrue if codistributor object is complete


BlockSizeBlock size of codistributor2dbc object
LabGridLab grid of codistributor2dbc object
OrientationOrientation of codistributor2dbc object

Introduced in R2009b