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도움말 항목

Overview of Next Steps

What to do after a solver finishes.

솔버가 실패하는 경우

솔버 실패 시 진행 방법입니다.

When the Solver Might Have Succeeded

How to proceed when the solver is unsure it produced a good answer.

Solver Takes Too Long

What to do if the solver takes a long time to finish.

When the Solver Succeeds

How to check that the solution is reliable.

국소 최적해와 전역 최적해

솔버가 가장 작은 최솟값을 찾지 못할 수 있는 이유에 대해 설명합니다.

Tuning Integer Linear Programming

Steps for improving solutions or solution time.

Investigate Linear Infeasibilities

Find out which linear constraints cause a problem to be infeasible.