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Set value of MATLAB Production Server add-on property

Since R2020a



    prodserver.addon.set('TransportLayersecurity',tf) sets the client-server communication to use HTTPS or HTTP by setting the value of the TransportLayerSecurity property. If the value of tf is true, the client-server communication uses HTTPS; otherwise, it uses HTTP.

    This function requires MATLAB Client for MATLAB Production Server.


    prodserver.addon.set('CertificateFile',path) sets the path to the SSL certificate of the server that is saved on the client machine by setting the CertificateFile property. You might need to set the path if you save the self-signed SSL certificate of the server locally or for other testing purposes.


    prodserver.addon.set('TransportLayersecurity',tf,'CertificateFile',path) lets you set the TransportLayersecurity and CertificateFile properties at the same time.


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    Use HTTPS when communicating with server instances by setting the TransportLayerSecurity property to true.


    This setting persists across MATLAB® sessions.

    Before your client can communicate with a server that uses a self-signed SSL certificate, you must save the server certificate locally. For more information, see Save SSL Certificate of Server.

    Then, set the path to the server certificate that you saved.


    This setting persists across MATLAB sessions.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2020a