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Check MATLAB Function for Unsupported Calls

Debug the MATLAB® function and ensure if all the calls in the function are supported by code generation.

To fix unsupported function call errors, perform one of these steps:

  • Declare the function as coder.extrinsic: When you declare a function call as an extrinsic function, the code generator does not produce code for that function. It instead dispatches them to MATLAB for execution. For more information, see Declaring MATLAB Functions as Extrinsic Functions (MATLAB Coder).

  • Replace with an equivalent call supported by code generation: Replace the unsupported calls with an equivalent call that is supported by code generation. Including calls supported by code generation ensures that the function will behave the same as tested in Run the Function Using Live IO from Hardware after the deployment.

    Some calls supported by code generation are listed here:

    For example, the pause function is not supported by code generation but it is used at line numbers 11 and 15 of the blinkLED function. Deploying the blinkLED function without any modification results in an executable that may not behave as expected.

    To fix this unsupported call error, replace pause with an equivalent function supported by code generation. You can replicate the functionality of the pause function by using the system function provided by the MATLAB Support Package for Raspberry Pi® Hardware. Provide the Linux® terminal command, sleep, as the input argument to the system function.

    function blinkLED() %#codegen
    % Create a Raspberry Pi object
    r= raspi();
    % Blink the LED for 100 cycles
    for count = 1:100
        % Turn on the LED
        writeLED(r,'LED0', 1);
        % Pause for 0.5 seconds
        system(r, 'sleep 0.5');
        % Turn off the LED
        writeLED(r,'LED0', 0);
        % Pause for 0.5 seconds
        system(r, 'sleep 0.5');

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