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(To be removed) Configure printer defaults

printopt will be removed in a future release. To configure printer defaults, use the options provided by your operating system.


[pcmd,dev] = printopt


[pcmd,dev] = printopt returns the current system-dependent printing command and output device. printopt is a file used by print to produce the printed output. You can edit the file printopt.m to set your default printer type and destination.

  • pcmd contains the command that print uses to send a file to the printer when not using the printer drivers directly.

  • dev contains the printer driver or graphics format option for the print command.

The defaults for pcmd and dev are platform-dependent. This table lists the default values for each platform.


Print Command

Driver or Format

Mac and Linux®

lpr -r


In R2014a and earlier, the driver was -dps2.


COPY /B %s LPT1:


Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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