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MATLAB Drive Preferences and Account Information


To set preferences for MATLAB® Drive™:

  1. Open MATLAB Drive Connector:

    • Windows® — Click the MATLAB Drive Connector icon in the Windows system notification area.

    • macOS — Click the MATLAB Drive Connector icon in the MAC OS X Dock.

  2. Click the Show MATLAB Drive actions button , and select Preferences.

  3. Select a tab and adjust the options as described in the following table.

    General Settings

    Select Start MATLAB Drive Connector at system startup to have MATLAB Drive Connector start whenever you restart your computer.

    Select Help improve MATLAB Drive Connector to send your experience information to MathWorks®.

    MATLAB Drive

    Folder Location for MATLAB Drive. This location is specified during the installation of MATLAB Drive Connector and cannot be changed once it is set.

    Select a Show notifications option to specify what notifications MATLAB Drive Connector should display. Options include:

    • All — Display all notifications in the Windows system tray or on the macOS menu bar. For less interruption to your work, notifications are aggregated and shown less often.

    • Recommended — Display notifications for errors and conflicts only.

    • Off — Display no notifications for any sync activity.

    MathWorks Account

    Your Name and E-mail address.

    Changing your name and email address is not supported in the MATLAB Drive Connector preferences. To change your name and email address, edit your MathWorks Account profile on

Storage Quota

The amount of space you have on MATLAB Drive is limited by the storage quota. Anyone with a MathWorks Account has a 5 GB storage quota. If you have an eligible MATLAB license that is current on Software Maintenance Service, your storage quota increases to 20 GB. For more information, see How much storage do I have in MATLAB Drive?.

For all accounts, when you exceed your storage quota, you cannot perform the following tasks on MATLAB Drive:

  • Save files

  • Upload folders and files

  • Move files or folders

  • Rename files or folders

  • Create folders

If you run out of storage space, delete files to create space. Items in Deleted Files do not count toward this quota. If you want to restore an item from Deleted Files, you must have the available storage space.

Deleted Files has its own quota that is equal in size to your MATLAB Drive quota. If your Deleted Files exceeds this quota, the oldest items are deleted automatically to reduce the storage amount. This deletion is permanent.


If your Software Maintenance Service has lapsed and you remain over storage quota for 12 months, MathWorks reserves the right to delete some files. Additionally, if your account has been inactive for 24 months and you are not under Software Maintenance Service, MathWorks reserves the right to delete all your files. MathWorks may also delete files if you are in violation of the SLA or federal or local laws. In any case, the deletion affects only the files stored in MathWorks cloud.

Your account is considered inactive if you have not signed into any MathWorks applications that use MATLAB Drive. These applications include, but are not limited to: MATLAB Online, MATLAB Mobile™, MATLAB Drive Connector, and MATLAB Drive online.

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