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WSDL(웹 서비스 기술 언어)

WSDL(웹 서비스 기술 언어)을 사용하여 MATLAB®에서 웹 서비스와 통신

WSDL 문서는 표준 형식을 사용하여 서버의 작업, 인수, 트랜잭션을 설명합니다. MATLAB에서 서버 API를 사용하려면 matlab.wsdl.createWSDLClient 함수를 사용하십시오. 이 함수는 MATLAB 클래스를 생성합니다.


matlab.wsdl.createWSDLClientCreate interface to SOAP-based web service
matlab.wsdl.setWSDLToolPathLocation of WSDL tools

도움말 항목

Set Up WSDL Tools

This example shows how to find information to install the programs required to use a WSDL web service in MATLAB.

Display a World Map

This example shows how to access imagery from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) National Map SOAP server.

Access Services That Use WSDL Documents

How to access a service that uses WSDL documents.

XML-MATLAB Data Type Conversion

MATLAB SOAP functions automatically convert XML data types used in SOAP messages to and from MATLAB types.

Using WSDL Web Service with MATLAB

How to use a web service based on Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document technologies.

문제 해결

Error Handling

Troubleshooting programs accessing WSDL documents.

Limitations to WSDL Document Support

RPC-encoded WSDL documents, documents that the Apache™ CXF program cannot compile, and documents that import other WSDL documents that contain WSDL type definitions are not supported.

HTTP 오류에 대한 W3C 상태 코드

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