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Uninstall MATLAB Online Server

The process for uninstalling MATLAB® Online Server™ depends on how you installed the server.

Uninstall Server on Single Machine

If you installed MATLAB Online Server on a single machine, where the server runs in a single-node Kubernetes cluster, undeploy the cluster by using the mosadm reset-node function. You can use this function only if you installed the server using the mosadm bootstrap-node function.

sudo ./mosadm reset-node

This function:

  • Stops the kubelet program running on the machine

  • Removes the Kubernetes cluster running locally

  • Resets the IP tables

The mosadm reset-node function does not uninstall any third-party Linux® packages that the mosadm bootstrap-node function installed. These packages include:

  • unzip

  • gettext

  • jq

  • ca-certificates

  • curl

  • software-properties-common

  • git

  • nfs-common

  • ipvsadm

  • kubelet (1.27)

  • kubeadm (1.27)

  • kubectl (1.27)

  • helm (3.7.0)

For a list of additional components that remain installed, see Software Components That Remain Installed.

Uninstall Server on Cloud-Managed Kubernetes

Follow these steps if you installed MATLAB Online Server in a cloud-managed Kubernetes cluster, where the server is one of several nodes in this cluster.

  1. Undeploy the server by removing all running services from the Kubernetes cluster.

    ./mosadm undeploy
  2. (Optional) If you installed the NGINX® ingress controller during installation, uninstall the controller.

    ./mosadm uninstall-ingress

This procedure does not uninstall all components that were initially installed. For more details, see Software Components That Remain Installed.

Software Components That Remain Installed

After you uninstall MATLAB Online Server, these components remain installed:

  • Databases connected to the server

  • File storage set up for users

  • Docker® registries

  • MathWorks® license manager

  • MATLAB installations that were mounted to the server

    To uninstall MATLAB, see Linux and macOS.

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