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Physical Signals

Demodulation reference signals for PUSCH and PUCCH formats 1, 2, and 3; sounding reference signals

Base stations use demodulation and sounding reference signals to aid channel estimation and to support measurements.


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ltePUSCHDRSPUSCH demodulation reference signal
ltePUSCHDRSIndicesPUSCH DM-RS resource element indices
ltePUCCH1DRSPUCCH format 1 demodulation reference signal
ltePUCCH1DRSIndicesPUCCH format 1 DRS resource element indices
ltePUCCH2DRSPUCCH format 2 demodulation reference signal
ltePUCCH2DRSIndicesPUCCH format 2 DRS resource element indices
ltePUCCH3DRSPUCCH format 3 demodulation reference signal
ltePUCCH3DRSIndicesPUCCH format 3 DRS resource element indices
lteSRSUplink sounding reference signal
lteSRSInfoUplink SRS information
lteSRSIndicesUplink SRS resource element indices