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Downlink Physical Channels

NPBCH, NPDCCH, and NPDSCH symbol generation, decoding, and index generation

Physical channels correspond to sets of time-frequency resources that carry transport channel data and control information. LTE Toolbox™ functions support these narrowband physical channels.

Physical ChannelInformation Carried
Narrowband physical broadcast channel (NPBCH)NB-IoT master information block (MIB)
Narrowband physical downlink control channel (NPDCCH)Downlink control information (DCI)
Narrowband physical downlink shared channel (NPDSCH)Broadcast control channel (BCCH) and system information


lteNPBCHGenerate NPBCH symbols (Since R2019b)
lteNPBCHDecodeDecode NPBCH symbols (Since R2019b)
lteNPBCHIndicesGenerate NPBCH RE indices (Since R2019b)
lteNPDCCHGenerate NPDCCH symbols (Since R2019b)
lteNPDCCHDecodeDecode NPDCCH symbols (Since R2019b)
lteNPDCCHIndicesGenerate NPDCCH RE indices (Since R2019b)
lteNPDSCHGenerate NPDSCH symbols
lteNPDSCHDecodeDecode NPDSCH symbols
lteNPDSCHIndicesGenerate NPDSCH RE indices