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Quick-Control Oscilloscope Properties

The Quick-Control Oscilloscope oscilloscope function can use the following properties.

ChannelNamesRead-only property that provides available channel names in a cell array.
ChannelsEnabledRead-only property that provides currently enabled channel names in a cell array.
StatusRead-only property that indicates the communication status.

Valid values are open or closed.

TimeoutUse to get or set a timeout value.

Value cannot be negative number. Default is 10 seconds.

AcquisitionTimeUse to get or set acquisition time value. Used to control the time in seconds that corresponds to the record length.

Value must be a positive, finite number.

AcquisitionStartDelayUse to set or get the length of time in seconds from the trigger event to first point in waveform record.

If positive, the first point in the waveform occurs after the trigger. If negative, the first point in the waveform occurs before the trigger.

TriggerModeUse to set the triggering behavior. Values are:

'normal' – the oscilloscope waits until the trigger the user specifies occurs.

'auto' – the oscilloscope automatically triggers if the configured trigger does not occur within the oscilloscope’s timeout period.

TriggerSlopeUse to set or get trigger slope value.

Valid values are falling or rising.

TriggerLevelSpecifies the voltage threshold in volts for the trigger control.
TriggerSourceSpecifies the source the oscilloscope monitors for a trigger. It can be channel name or other values.
ResourceSet up before connecting to instrument. Set with value of your instrument’s resource string, for example:
set(myScope, 'Resource', 
DriverDetectionModeOptionally used to set up criteria for connection.

Valid values are auto or manual. Default is auto.

auto means you do not have to set a driver name before connecting to an instrument.

If set to manual, a driver name must be provided before connecting.

DriverUse only if set DriverDetectionMode to manual. Then use to give driver name. Only use if driver name cannot be figured out programmatically.