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I2C Communication

Communication using the I2C interface

I2C, or Inter-Integrated Circuit, is a chip-to-chip interface supporting two-wire communication. You can open connections with individual chips and read and write over the connections. Create the interface object using the i2c function, and use the fread and fwrite functions for communication.

To use the I2C interface, you need to have either a Total Phase Aardvark host adaptor or a NI USB-845x adaptor board installed. See Configuring I2C Communication for more details.


i2cCreate I2C object
clearRemove instrument objects from MATLAB workspace
deleteRemove instrument objects from memory
dispDisplay instrument object summary information
fcloseDisconnect interface object from instrument
fopenConnect interface object to instrument
freadRead binary data from instrument
fwriteWrite binary data to instrument
getInstrument object properties
instrhwinfoInformation about available hardware
methodsClass method names and descriptions
recordRecord data and event information to file
setConfigure or display instrument object properties



Troubleshooting I2C Interface

Try these tips if you have problems using the toolbox with the I2C interface. Includes information about I2C supported platforms, adapter requirements, and configuration and connection.