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Merging Models

You can merge models of the same structure to obtain a single model with parameters that are statistically weighed means of the parameters of the individual models. When computing the merged model, the covariance matrices of the individual models determine the weights of the parameters.

You can perform the merge operation for the idtf, idgrey, idpoly, idproc, and idss model objects.


Each merge operation merges the same type of model object.

Merging models is an alternative to merging data sets into a single multiexperiment data set, and then estimating a model for the merged data. Whereas merging data sets assumes that the signal-to-noise ratios are about the same in the two experiments, merging models allows greater variations in model uncertainty, which might result from greater disturbances in an experiment.

When the experimental conditions are about the same, merge the data instead of models. This approach is more efficient and typically involves better-conditioned calculations. For more information about merging data sets into a multiexperiment data set, see Create Multiexperiment Data at the Command Line.

For more information about merging models, see the merge reference page.