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Verification with FPGA Hardware

Connect an FPGA board with MATLAB® and Simulink® for verification and debug of hardware designs

These features provide connections between your FPGA board and your simulations in Simulink or MATLAB.

  • FPGA-in-the-loop (FIL) enables you to run a Simulink or MATLAB simulation that is synchronized with an HDL design running on an Intel®, Microsemi®, or Xilinx® FPGA board.

  • FPGA data capture is a way to observe signals from your design while the design is running on the FPGA. It captures a window of signal data from the FPGA, based on your configuration and trigger settings, and returns the data to MATLAB or Simulink.

  • AXI manager provides access to live on-board memory locations from MATLAB or Simulink. You must include the AXI manager IP in your FPGA design.

To use these features, you must download a hardware support package for your FPGA board. See Download FPGA Board Support Package.