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Fixed Point Function Replacement and Data Visualization

Replacement of fixed-point runtime library functions and using coder.approximate


codegenGenerate HDL code from MATLAB code
coder.configCreate HDL Coder code generation configuration objects
coder.approximationCreate function replacement configuration object


coder.FixPtConfigFloating-point to fixed-point conversion configuration object


Function Replacement

Replacing Functions Using Lookup Table Approximations

The Fixed-Point Designer™ MATLAB® Coder™ software provides an option to generate lookup table approximations for continuous and stateless single-input, single-output functions in your original MATLAB code.

Replace a Custom Function with a Lookup Table

With HDL Coder™, you can generate lookup table approximations for functions that do not support fixed-point types, and replace your own functions.

Replace the exp Function with a Lookup Table

With HDL Coder, you can handle functions that are not supported for fixed point and replace your own functions.

Plotting Data and Visualization

Enable Plotting Using the Simulation Data Inspector

You can use the Simulation Data Inspector to inspect and compare floating-point and fixed-point logged input and output data.

Visualize Differences Between Floating-Point and Fixed-Point Results

This example shows how to configure the fiaccelcodegen function to use a custom plot function to compare the behavior of the generated fixed-point code against the behavior of the original floating-point MATLAB code.

Log Data for Histogram

To log data for histograms:

View and Modify Variable Information

View and modify variable information for fixed-point conversion.

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