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Synthesis scripts and deploy generated HDL code to Intel®, Xilinx®, Speedgoat®, and custom FPGA boards

You can deploy the generated HDL code to generic FPGA or ASIC platforms or platforms that use the hardware-software co-design workflow. Target devices that use this workflow include standalone FPGA boards such as Intel and Xilinx FPGA boards, SoC platforms such as Intel SoC and Xilinx Zynq® platforms, and Speedgoat I/O modules. To learn more about deploying to these platforms, see Hardware-Software Co-Design.


hdlsetuptoolpathSet up system environment to access FPGA synthesis software


Generate Synthesis Scripts

You can generate customized synthesis scripts for the following tools:You can also generate a synthesis script for a custom tool by specifying the fields manually.

Create Custom FPGA Board Definition

Run the New FPGA Board Wizard to setup a custom board.

FPGA Board Customization

Create a custom FPGA board configuration.

Featured Examples