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Code Acceleration and Code Generation from MATLAB

In many cases, you may want your code to run faster and more efficiently. Code acceleration provides optimizations for accelerating fixed-point algorithms through MEX file building. In Fixed-Point Designer™ the fiaccel function converts your MATLAB® code to a MEX function and can greatly accelerate the execution speed of your fixed-point algorithms.

Code generation creates efficient, production-quality C/C++ code for desktop and embedded applications. There are several ways to use Fixed-Point Designer software to generate C/C++ code.

MATLAB Coder™ (codegen (MATLAB Coder)) functionAutomatically convert MATLAB code to C/C++ codeMATLAB Coder code generation software licenseGenerate C Code at the Command Line (MATLAB Coder)
MATLAB FunctionUse MATLAB code in your Simulink® models that generate embeddable C/C++ codeSimulink licenseImplement MATLAB Functions in Simulink with MATLAB Function Blocks

MATLAB code generation supports variable-size arrays and matrices with known upper bounds. To learn more about using variable-size signals, see Code Generation for Variable-Size Arrays.