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Floating-Point Specification in Simulink

Create and use floating-point data types such as single and half

Because single precision numbers use only 32 bits, they require less memory than double-precision numbers while still offering many of the benefits of floating point arithmetic. The half-precision data type occupies only 16 bits of memory, but its floating-point representation enables it to handle wider dynamic ranges than integer or fixed-point data types of the same size.


Simulink.NumericTypeSpecify floating-point, integer, or fixed-point data type


ssGetDataTypeIsDoubleSingleorHalfDetermine whether registered data type is double, single, or half-precision data type
ssGetDataTypeIsHalfPrecisionDetermine whether registered data type is half-precision data type
ssRegisterDataTypeHalfPrecisionRegister half-precision data type and return its data type ID


The Half-Precision Data Type in Simulink

Simulink® software features supported for the half-precision data type.

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